Winter Wonderland Holiday Popup in Des Moines, Iowa
Winter Wonderland - An Immersive Holiday Popup Experience in Des Moines, IA

Winter Wonderland Holiday Popup in Des Moines, Iowa

Spirits of the Season: A Cocktail Odyssey

As the holiday bells jingle, there’s a magical stir at Nightingale Cocktail, brewing not just good tidings, but an exquisite array of cocktails, each a toast to the festive season. Winter Wonderland unveils a specially crafted cocktail menu that’s as whimsical and enchanting as the season itself. Prepare to embark on a libation exploration that’s bound to tantalize your palate and warm your heart with every sip.

Our seasoned mixologists have delved into the heart of winter festivities to concoct a collection of drinks that embody the spirit of the holidays. From the spicy whispers of cinnamon and nutmeg to the sweet serenade of cranberry and mint, every ingredient is carefully chosen, curated to present you a glassful of holiday cheer.

As you peruse through our festive menu, you'll encounter an assortment of cocktails, each with its own tale, evoking the age-old traditions and modern merriment of the season. Whether it's the gentle warmth of a spiced rum concoction or the vibrant zest of a gin-based elixir, our cocktails are crafted to cater to every discerning palate.
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Butter Beer
A butterscotch infused toddy sure take the chill off. Served warm.
“Mistletoe…It’s often infested with nargles.” - Luna
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Frosted Cranberry
Empress gin with a zing of lemon, tart cranberry, and a touch of warming cinnamon spice.
“A balanced diet is a Christmas cookie in each hand.”
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Gettin' Figgy With It
Silver tequila meets zesty citrus, spicy chili fig, and a mezcal spritz topped with a brûlée’d fig for a smoky delight.
“Let's get away from sleigh bells, let's get away from snow.”
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It's a Wonderful Life
A stirred cocktail of bourbon, black walnut, and citrus paired with the classic flavors of gingerbread to put you in the holiday spirit.
“Wake up with gratitude”
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Sugar Plum Fairy
Vibrant plum sake, fresh citrus, effervescent champagne, adorned with rock candy wrapped in snow. 
“Wake up with gratitude”
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Sticky Toffee Eggnog
A holiday twist on a classic creamy delight, indulgent house-made eggnog infused with the flavors of sticky toffee pudding./span>
“What if Christmas…doesn’t come from a store…perhaps it means a little bit more!”
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The Grinch
Sure to grow your christmas spirit three sizes; this chilled, creamy mint chocolate shot is not a mean one… it’s a delicious one!
“What if Christmas…doesn’t come from a store…perhaps it means a little bit more!”
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Winter Wonderland
Watch the magic happen as cotton candy snow transforms into a sweet, tart blend of cranberry, elderflower and citrus.
“A beautiful sight,
we're happy tonight…”
The Winter Wonderland cocktail menu is not just a taste expedition; it’s a narrative of the season’s joy, hopes, and the unyielding spirit of celebration. So, as the holiday melodies fill the air, raise a glass, toast to the good times, and let the magical concoctions at Nightingale Cocktail lead you through a jubilant jaunt of holiday revelry.
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